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Saga Luxury Edition™

Engineered for royalty, the members of the Saga Luxury Edition™ are few but mighty; a soundbar, a powered miniature subwoofer, as well as center channel and bookshelf speakers. Each piece is sleek and compact to deliver extraordinary sound quality all while getting rid of speaker clutter and all are ideal for truly luxurious audio.

The 3-channel soundbar features four 4" metallic anodized drivers and three 1" ultra-wide dispersion tweeters for unrivaled sound performance. The drivers are engineered to deliver clear, powerful bass that can fill out the space in any room. This entire single piece design offers a full front stage of professional sound with independent left, center, and right channels; the listener is fully submerged in sound.

The Powered Miniature Subwoofer from the Saga Luxury Edition™ audio line utilizes its unique shape and compact size in one sealed cabinet to deliver powerful, precise bass. Although small, this subwoofer offers 150 Watts RMS. The 8" driver is made of woven fiberglass for superior, long-lasting push. A rubber surround and high-temperature voice coil makes for a solid, yet lightweight build resulting in accurate, ground-shaking bass.

Both the Pawn center channel speaker and Pawn bookshelf speaker are versatile, high performance 2-way speakers that pack high quality sound into a compact design. The Pawns feature 4" metallic anodized woofers and 1" ultra-wide dispersion tweeter for crisp highs and precise lows. The rock-solid cabinets are constructed with high density MDP and are painted with a clear coat finish that provides a rich, glass-like finish.