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Saga Pro™

Amplification Saga Pro™ offers high-power amplifiers with key features for background music and paging – ideal for commercial applications. These amps have the versatility and power needed for any sound system.

Many support 25V, 70V, 100V as well as low impedance 4Ω systems, and perfect for use with low impedance sound systems, or even systems that need constant voltage.

Volume Control
Volume Control Wall Plates from the Saga Pro™ Sound Series are the ideal volume control for PA, paging, background music applications, or nearly any other commercial application. The premium-quality volume control combines dependable performance with low insertion loss, and excellent frequency response. They feature 70V compatibility – essentially the best means to consistently control the volume for all connected speakers simultaneously.

Pre-Construction & Mounting
To complete the Saga Pro™ line, pre-construction and mounting equipments are available for proper and simplified installation.